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Navigating Japanese Trade Shows with Expertise and Care

Explore Japan’s trade expos with WeLink’s expert support—from strategic planning to post-expo success.

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Tailored Support for Every Stage of Your Expo Journey

Experience the full range of WeLink’s Japan Trade Expo Support
services, tailored to your unique expo journey.

Local Expertise

In-depth knowledge of the Japanese market for strategic planning and execution.

Global Perspective

A broad understanding of international business needs and expectations.

Navigational Ease

Simplifying the complexities of Japanese trade expos for a smooth experience.

Realizing Objectives

Transforming your business goals into tangible outcomes at every stage of the expo.

Service Overview


Meeting Diverse
Expo Needs

Customized Support for Every Exhibitor

Tailored to a wide range of international exhibitors,
our services cater to diverse business objectives and market entry strategies.

Emerging Startups

Specialized support for innovative startups entering Japan.

Global Corporations

Comprehensive solutions for multinational companies.

Diverse SMEs

Customized assistance for small and medium-sized businesses.

Arts & Culture Pros

Unique approaches for creative and cultural exhibitors.

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Expanding Your Expo Possibilities

A Suite of Complementary Services

WeLink’s offers a diverse array of services to ensure your success in the Japanese market
extends beyond the trade show floor. From cultural training to strategic
branding, discover how we can elevate your presence in Japan.

Virtual Interpreter Service

Our experienced interpreters ensure clear communication at trade events and expos.

Translation Services

Professional translation for all your expo materials and communications.

Cultural Training Workshops

Workshops to equip your team with essential Japanese cultural knowledge.

Local Japanese Representation

Acting as your brand ambassador in Japan for better market penetration.

Marketing Communications

Full spectrum of marketing communications support from pre-show to post-show.

Sales Lead Generation

Expertise in generating and nurturing high-quality leads for your business in Japan.

Managing Your Brand

We offer tailored strategies for brand management in Japan, from planning to promotion.

Showroom Management

Providing support for your local showroom at WeLink's WeDisplay facility.

Sales Facilitation

Boost your sales in Japan with tool development, lead qualification, and visit support.

Show Selection and Planning

Assistance in selecting the right trade show and handling all necessary preparations.


Your Queries, Our Answers

What types of companies are supported at trade expos?

We cater to a diverse range of businesses, from startups to global corporations.

How does WeLink assist with pre-expo planning?

Our services include market research, booth design, and logistics coordination.

Can WeLink provide on-site support during the expo?

Absolutely, our team offers hands-on assistance, translation services, and more.

What post-expo services does WeLink offer?

We provide lead management, performance analysis, and continued marketing support.

Is language support available during the expo?

We offer interpreter and translation services for effective communication.

How does WeLink help with market entry post-expo?

We offer strategy development, legal advice, and business expansion services.

Does WeLink offer any digital marketing solutions?

Yes, we provide comprehensive digital marketing strategies tailored to your needs.

Assistance with understanding Japanese business culture?

Yes, we offer cultural training workshops to prepare your team for success.


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