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Navigating Japan:
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Welcome to WeLink, the Expert Japan Market Entry Agency dedicated to simplifying your business’s journey into the Japanese market. Our strategic insights and bespoke solutions have established WeLink as the beacon for businesses aiming to thrive in Japan’s unique business landscape.

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Strategic Success with Local Insights

WeLink champions a blend of global acumen and local insights to master the Japanese market, providing tailored solutions for your brand’s triumph.

Global Acumen

Harnessing worldwide business savvy to strategize your Japanese market success.

Local Insight

Delivering success through deep cultural understanding and market intelligence.


Comprehensive Services, Localized Success

WeLink's spectrum of services paves your path to success in Japan, ensuring a blend of cultural accuracy and market savvy.
Trade Expo Support

Providing end-to-end support for expo participation, from pre-event planning to post-event follow-up.

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Market Entry Strategy

Crafting pathways into the Japanese market with informed strategies and actionable insights.

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Translation & Localization

Offering meticulous documentation translation to resonate with Japanese cultural nuances.

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Interpreter Services

Facilitating smooth communication with professional on-site and virtual interpreter solutions.

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Company Profile

Company Name T.H.E Services LLC
Brands WeLink, Westore
Established May 11, 2019
Phone +81 (0) 3-4212-3805
Office 2-7-20 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan 107-0061
Capital 9.9 Million Yen
Representative Charles Chiedu
Business Services Translation
Events and Performances
Import and Sales of Various Products
Employment Placement Business and Counseling Services
Training, Learning, Seminars, Lectures, Workshops
Worker Dispatch, Recruitment, and Job Search
Bank Rakuten Bank
Shinsei Bank

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